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Shop for Camera Accessories – Lenses, Tripods at The Best Prices Online

DSLR cameras are here to capture the most valuable moments of your life. Hence, an excellent camera and its accessories are equally important to harness its power and click the best shots. If you are an amateur photographer, read this before purchasing your dream camera.

Explore a Range of Camera Accessories Available in Dubai, UAE


It would help if you had tripod stands when clicking landscape, wide-angle, and low-light pictures. You also don’t want your amazing shots to go blurred, do you? Hence, having a tripod with you whenever you are out to click pictures is a great idea!


You need stability while clicking those lovely photographs. A mount provides firm support and gives stability for that perfect shot.


Even though you can use tripods for your cameras, a monopod would offer extra mobility and speed to work, even when handling heavy cameras. Sports, wildlife, wedding, and other event pictures can be shot with a monopod. Many monopods come with a wristband for extra support. With a few high-end monopods, you can also convert those to tripods.   

Flash accessories

You have different flash accessories like flash diffusers, flash reflectors, and flash bouncers. A flash bouncer reduces the amount of light that falls on the subject if there is too much exposure. With a flash reflector, you can spread the light throughout a room to illuminate your objects more. A flash diffuser, much like a reflector, scatters the light when you don’t want your subjects to be blinded by all the bright lights. The flash diffuser brings in natural lighting for your pictures.

Photo paper

Photo paper is finely coated paper with polyethylene film on both sides. This coating ensures that the paper is not affected by water or other chemicals that come in contact with it. There are different photo papers like pearl, stain, matte and glossy. The quality of the paper and ink you use in the printer matters the most when you want a printed photograph.  


Your DSLR cameras can be heavy, and you can’t carry those in your hands while moving around. It’s not only a factor of comfort, but you need bags for the camera and to protect your lenses. Lenses are expensive, and you need to keep them away from sunlight, dust, and rain. Hence it would help if you chose a sturdy yet light bag for your camera kit.  


Your camera is nothing without lenses. There are different lenses based on focal length, aperture, and depth of field. And these are called telephoto, zoom, macro, standard, and fisheye lenses. You can choose the lens based on your interest. A telephoto lens is used for wildlife photography, and a macro lens captures the tiniest particles, like insects.   

SD cards

Standard cameras have less storage and need SD cards to click more pictures. You can choose SanDisk and Lexar memory cards, which are popular in the market.

Highlighting the Top Brands of Camera Accessories Available in UAE


Professional photographers choose Sony over other top brands because of Sony’s lens quality. You can clean the lens quickly, and carrying it around is easy. The brand’s lenses are also a great fit for other brand cameras.


Nikon circular polarizers best differentiate deep blue sky and white fluffy clouds. Their wireless remote shutter releaser has an intervalometer, a long exposure timer, and excellent focus control. Hence, you can choose Nikon for better clarity. 


Canon camera accessories are your go-to if you want to buy UV and creative filters, a flashgun, and a tripod to keep your camera stable and control your exposure well.  


When it comes to the best lens, no one can beat the Art series lens from Sigma. These are known for minimum distortion, fast and reliable autofocus, fantastic low-light performance, excellent bokeh, and significant exposure to light.  


SanDisk accessories are more expensive than its competitors, but they maintain quality. SanDisk SD cards are more reliable for cameras, as they have the maximum writing speed. SanDisk cards also last for more than ten years, even with regular/daily use.  


GoPro Hero cameras are popular in the photography world. GoPro accessories are famous for their compact sizes, it’s easy to mount these and can be used for underwater adventures. The handler, suction cup and tripods with extension arms are the famous GoPro accessories for this year. 

Photography is expensive, and the camera gear requires utmost care and handling. So, you must purchase these from a place with quality products, an extended warranty, and an easy return policy. So, head to Sharaf's website to pick your favorites!   

Frequently Asked Questions – Camera Accessories 

How to choose the right camera equipment?

Before deciding on the brand for your camera, you need to know if you want a bridge, point-and-shoot, or APS camera. The rest of your camera gear depends on the camera you choose. Hence, do a lot of research before investing in one brand and model.  

What are the most important camera accessories?

You should have essential camera accessories, including a tripod, spare batteries, a polarizing filter, a remote shutter release, and a fast prime lens. To get the hang of being a photographer, you should own these for clicking the best pictures.  

Where can I buy camera accessories?

Almost all the stores that sell electronic gadgets have camera accessories. You can also find these at stores, that specifically sell cameras. If you plan to find camera accessories online, you can head to Sharaf DG for quality products and an extended warranty.  

Is buying a tripod worth it?

Your camera’s shutter speed will be affected while clicking low-light pictures without a tripod. Also, to avoid shaking while shooting, even during the day, you can utilize tripods. Hence, it would be better if you had a tripod.  

Which tripod is best for DSLR camera?

Manfrotto Element II, Gitzo GK254, Peak Design Travel Tripod Manfrotto Compact Light, and 290 Xtra Carbon are great options for a tripod. You don’t have to be confused while buying tripods next time. Invest in these models, and you won’t be disappointed.  

Is a 128GB SD card enough for a camera?

You might need only 32 or 64 GB SD cards if you click fewer pictures. But for shooting 4K videos and several hundred, it would to best if you had 128 or 256 GB SD cameras. You can relax and shoot and not fret about insufficient space.  

What is the best flash for a camera?

External flashes for your cameras can be a game-changer. Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT, Newer TT560 Flash Speedlite, and Nikon SB700 AF are a few best flashes for your DSLR. You can choose these, as these are budget-friendly, compact sizes are suitable for travel and compatible with several camera models.  

How good are DSLR lenses?

The best DSLR lenses have great glass. It would help if you chose the lens based on its aperture, focal length, crop factor, image stabilization, and focus shift. See what your requirements are and choose the best lens for your camera.

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