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Shop Fridge, Freezer & Refrigerators From Top Brand at Best Price in Dubai, UAE

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Shop Fridges, Freezers & Refrigerators at the Best Prices in Dubai, UAE

Refrigerators, more commonly known as fridges, have redefined comfort and convenience in households across the world. Today, they count among the most widely used home appliances. And why not? After all, they offer a host of benefits.

Besides preserving food and edibles to prevent wastage, a refrigerator has become a statement appliance for many kitchens. You can ensure that your food's quality remains intact in style. 

A fridge also enables you to stay cool in hot weather. The inbuilt freezer in your high-tech fridge ensures that your water and drinks remain cool, which can be a big relief during the summer months. You can also freeze water to form ice in the freezer. All these benefits have turned a refrigerator into a must-have appliance for every home.

But choosing a refrigerator for your home in Dubai, UAE, can be a confusing task since there are so many brands and models to consider, along with their varied features.  

This blog helps you make an informed purchase decision by providing insights into the different types of refrigerators and freezers.

Come, let’s dive in!

Different Types of Refrigerators & Freezers Available in Dubai, UAE

Gone are the days when refrigerators used to be of a single type and lacked variety. Today you can find a host of innovative options as far as styles, designs, and features are concerned. Apart from serving as an essential appliance, a high-tech refrigerator can accentuate the beauty of your kitchen and lend it a touch of sophistication.

At Sharaf DG, you can shop for the latest models of refrigerators and freezers available in Dubai, UAE.

Here are some of the most popular types of refrigerators and freezers for you to consider:

Top Mount Refrigerator

A top-mount refrigerator has a freezer compartment placed in the upper section of the appliance. Due to this classic configuration, they are also known as top-freezer refrigerators. While the freezer remains at the top, the compressor remains at the bottom half of this fridge. This design helps the unit to cool easily.


  • It is a more energy-efficient option compared to several other types of fridges.
  • The design offers more functional space to store fresh food.

Bottom Mount Refrigerator

A bottom-mount refrigerator has a freezer located on the lower end of the fridge. These fridges come in different designs. Many of them have built-in organizers to store food items. They are also known as bottom-freezer refrigerators.  


  • This design offers a bigger freezer
  • The fridge section remains at eye level.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator

These refrigerators offer equal space for storing fresh and frozen food items. The fridge freezer and refrigerator compartments are placed next to each other in a top-to-bottom style. They have two slim-styled doors placed side-by-side that can open wide without needing much space.


  • The fridge offers ample space to store both fresh and frozen items.
  • It is easier to keep things organized due to the presence of several compartments.

French Door Refrigerator

The French door refrigerator features a pantry-style layout. This fridge has a continuous space on the upper portion accessible by two doors. The freezer is placed in the lower part of the refrigerator.


  • The design ensures easy access to food items at eye level.
  • These fridges have larger door bins in comparison to traditional fridges.

Chest Freezers

This freezer is a refrigeration unit shaped like a chest or large box with a hinged lid opening upwards. They come in various sizes, including compact models that can fit into small spaces. Chest freezers are ideal for deep freezer storage. Due to this freezer's large, boxy dimensions, it is a great choice for storing bulky items that may be too big to fit into an upright freezer.


  • Chest freezers help preserve food for longer durations, sometimes even for months.
  • They are more energy-efficient compared to most other common freezers.

Wine Cooler

As the name indicates, a wine cooler is a fridge to store wines. They come in different capacities and have shelves to organize and store the bottles effortlessly. These wine coolers are available in different styles to match the wine-storing needs of different people.


  • These units can be compact enough to sit on a countertop.
  • They enable wine bottles to be stored at a certain temperature.

Bar Cooler

A bar cooler is an under-counter refrigeration unit designed to keep cocktail ingredients and beverages chilled. These units come in various styles and sizes to accommodate the different storage needs of people.


  • A bar cooler ensures quick chilling of beverages.
  • It can be used as a mini fridge to store food at optimum temperature.

Revealing the Top Brands of Refrigerators & Freezers Available in Dubai, UAE

When it comes to purchasing refrigerators, you need to consider several factors. These include the style, storage capacity, fridge price, your budget, and more. Apart from these, another essential point to consider is the brand.

The UAE appliance market is full of fridges belonging to various brands. This can make it overwhelming for you to decide which one to choose.

We reveal to you the top brands of refrigerators and freezers that you can shop for at Sharaf DG, UAE.


A leading name in the world of home appliances, LG offers a wide variety of refrigerators and freezers to keep food fresher for longer. With its stylish looks, spacious interior, sturdy compressor, and noiseless operation, an LG refrigerator or freezer is an ideal choice for your modern home.


Samsung brings you a classy range of energy-efficient refrigerators to redefine the way you store food. The clutter-free design style, flexible storage, and innovative features in a Samsung refrigerator make it an excellent option for smart kitchens.


Hisense designs refrigerators and freezers that offer a great combination of looks and functionality. Thanks to their hi-tech features, these units can rapidly stabilise the temperature of food. Due to this, the freshness and quality of your food remain intact for longer.

Super General

Built with efficient technologies, the extensive range of refrigerators and freezers from Super General ensure proper cooling and temperature control. The spacious interiors and door bins offer ample space to keep your food organised and retrieve them easily as well.


Hitachi combines stylish layouts with powerful cooling and a host of other legendary features to ensure that each refrigerator and freezer it offers belongs to a class of its own. The sleek exteriors further add to the appeal of these home appliances.  


Hoover refrigerators ensure ample food storage along with increased freshness over time. These refrigerators are constructed with innovative technologies and feature ergonomic designs. They are available in various energy classes that enable you to optimize consumption.


Midea fridges and freezers are packed with easy-to-use features that help to keep your food and beverages fresh and effortlessly accessible as well. The refrigerator range includes models that can be easily accommodated in small spaces in your home or office.

Explore and Buy the Latest Refrigerators from Sharaf DG, UAE

Today, a refrigerator is more than a home appliance. It is a style statement that can enhance the appeal of your kitchen. At Sharaf DG, UAE, you can shop for a wide range of stylish refrigerators belonging to the top brands at the best prices. Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can shop for a Whirlpool refrigerator, a Toshiba fridge, a Siemens refrigerator, and many more. With the latest models to choose from, you won’t be short of choices while shopping at Sharaf DG, UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions – Fridges & Freezer

Which brand is best for refrigerators?

Ans. The top-selling refrigerator brands include LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Hisense, etc.

Which type of freezer is best?

Ans. The choice of a freezer depends on its intended use. But if it’s a question of energy efficiency, chest freezers are the best option.

What is the maximum life of a refrigerator?

Ans. The life of a refrigerator is approximately 12 years.

What capacity of a refrigerator is best?

Ans. The required capacity of a refrigerator depends on the number of people it will serve. For instance, a fridge capacity between 40 to 100L for a single person would be ideal. For 2 to 3 people, a fridge capacity between 100 to 250L will suffice. For a family of 4 people, the capacity should be between 250 to 350L, and so on.

What are the 4 types of refrigerators?

Ans. The four types of refrigerators are:

  • Top-freezer refrigerator
  • Down-freezer refrigerator
  • French door refrigerator
  • Side-by-side refrigerator

What is the difference between a freezer and a refrigerator?

Ans. The main difference between a freezer and a refrigerator is temperature. In a freezer, the temperature remains a few degrees below the freezing point of water. But in a refrigerator, the temperature remains a few degrees above the freezing point of water.

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