Cake ‘N’ bake

Winters is the perfect season to snuggle inside your warm blanket while watching the black and white classic It’s a wonderful life for the nth time and sipping your favourite cup of coffee. This is pure bliss! The only thing that is probably missing are some cupcakes and everything would be just perfect. Make some […]

Summer Hacks: Frozen Vanilla Custard Recipe

Summer can be a difficult time for adults and kids alike. It becomes impossible to step out during the day and at night too it can be quite warm. To lift the spirits of your family indulge them with some cold treats. These will provide some respite from the heat and also, give you the […]

Yes! You can use microwave for cooking

A lot of people still feel that microwave is just for heating food. The truth is it is not complicated to cook with a Microwave. It’s just a different set of rules that need to be followed for effective handling of this machine. The 3 most important things to consider while cooking with a microwave […]

Must have gadgets for a smart kitchen

One of the best things about Ramadan is bonding over a sumptuous meal with friends & family. While everyone relishes the elaborate Iftar spread, the homemaker spends hours in the kitchen preparing it. Let this not hamper your festive spirit. If you wish to experiment with new recipes and cuisines at home without being busy […]