Miele 5 Gas Burners Built In Gas Hob KM2052G

Model: KM2052G

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Miele 5 Gas Burners Built In Gas Hob KM2052G
Miele 5 Gas Burners Built In Gas Hob KM2052G
Miele 5 Gas Burners Built In Gas Hob KM2052G
Miele 5 Gas Burners Built In Gas Hob KM2052G

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Gas hobin maximum width for the ultimate in cooking and user convenience

Rotary dial controls
Matching convenience: metal rotary dial controls* complement the design style of the ProLine elements.

Professional design – 900mm wide stainless steel trough
Particularly versatile – 5 burners incl. 1 dual wok

Reassuring: if the flame is extinguished, for example by a draught, the continued supply of gas is prevented.

A gas hob to suit every kitchen style
Professional stainless steel look or elegant ceramic glass – Miele offers an attractive range of designs for a customised kitchen environment.

Efficient and environmentally friendly
Gas is a primary energy source and produces no pollutants through conversion processes, as is the case with electricity generation.

Large variety of burner sizes for every application
Miele gas hobs offer a wide range of burner sizes. From the smallest energy-saving burner for slow and gentle cooking to the powerful wok burner for large amounts and fast heating up. The right power for every situation!

High quality features for a long life
Miele gas hobs are equipped with enamelled cast iron pot rests – robust and durable, a visible sign of first-class quality. In addition, some gas hobs are equipped with PerfectClean burner heads, making cleaning easier thanks to the non-stick coating.

Electric flame failure monitor for maximum safety.
All Miele gas hobs are equipped with thermo-electric flame failure monitors. If the gas flame is temporarily extinguished, e.g. because a pan boils over or due to a draught, a flame failure device will stop the supply of gas

Comfortably reignite the flame
The burners ignite automatically thanks to sophisticated technology. The rotary control dials can be simply and easily turned with one hand and be held during ignition.

Everything under control
Miele gas hobs are operated by plastic or metal rotary controls. In this way the power is extremely easy and safe to regulate.

Brand Miele
Color Stainless Steel
Type Built In Gas Hob
Built In / Free Standing Built In
No of Burners/Hobs 5 Gas Burners
Energy input Gas
Burners 5
Type of Ignition Auto Ignition
Safety Option(s) Full Safety
Control Type Knob Control
Dimensions (H x W x D) 90 x 900 x 520 mm
Power Voltage 220-240 Volts
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption Gas
Pan Support Cast Iron

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