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Buy Best Quality Cooking Appliances from Top Brands at The Best Price in Dubai, UAE

Cut down your chore time by investing in the best cooking appliances. Access to the right cooking equipment can help you dish out yummy food in no time. Additionally, it can also give you more free time to explore hobbies you enjoy. Hence, it makes sense to do your research and bring home appliances for cooking that will make a positive difference in your life. You experience satisfaction by cutting down on your chore time with good quality appliances from top brands. The best equipment can give you the best results. Read on to find out more.

7 Types of Cooking Appliances at the Best Price in Dubai, UAE

Your time in the kitchen should always be a pleasant one. If you are in a happy mood that positivity and love will only add to the overall flavor of the food. Hence, it makes sense to look up the different cooking appliances available that will boost flavor, reduce cooking and prep time, putting a smile on your face. Here’s a handy guide of appliances you should consider.

Small Cooking Appliances

They do not take up much room in your kitchen, and are small wonders that do a lot for you. The list includes a blender, juicer, food processor, bread machines, deep fryers, coffee and tea makers, mixer, etc. All amazing small cooking appliances that help you reduce the time spent in the kitchen. 


No kitchen is complete without a range of cookers that help you prepare an assortment of your favorite foods. Here’s looking at some essential cookers that should find a place in your kitchen.

Gas Cooker

They are dependable, economical, durable, and easy to maintain. Gas cookers give you maximum control both in terms of the oil you use for cooking and the amount of heat. It’s also an energy efficient appliance that ensures your food stays moist and does not dry out.

Electric Cooker

It’s easy to clean and use, and you no longer have to stress over any gas leaks. A locking lid system ensures your cooker stays locked until the pressure inside reaches an accepted level. It’s energy efficient and ensures you have high quality cooked food to consume.

Induction Cooker

It’s safe, portable and easy to use. It’s also energy efficient as it cooks food faster in less time. The induction cooker uses electromagnetism to cook food evenly. Induction also requires less ventilation so that’s ideal for people with smaller living spaces.

Rice Cooker

It helps you eliminate guesswork as you get perfectly cooked rice every time. It also helps you cut down on your power usage. You end up eating healthily as the rice cooker retains the minerals and vitamins, while keeping your food warm and delicious.

Infrared Cooker

Infrared cookers work on the concept of flameless combustion. As there is no visible flame, it does not produce toxic gases, and is good for the environment. It cooks food faster and is energy saving. It’s also a safe appliance with strong firepower that ensures you do not lose out on any nutrients in your food.


There are a variety of cooking hobs available in the market. These include gas hobs, induction hobs, hot plate hobs and more. While induction hobs are considered to be the best for cooking in the kitchen as they do not have the glare like other hobs. It’s considered to be fairly safe. You also get integrated hobs, which are also popular with people.

Gas and electric hobs tend to be more expensive. Shopping for a kitchen hob can be confusing, especially if you are not aware of the different models available and the features you need. Here’s what you need to know about the different hobs in the market.

Gas Hobs

Always make sure that the gas hobs you are planning to purchase are easy to clean and come with great touch controls. While a lot has been done to improve the overall design and functionality of gas hobs, most are still not as efficient as induction hobs. It’s great for grilling. Easy to install but a bit tricky when it comes to cleaning. 

 Integrated / Built-in Hobs

It offers the best of both worlds. You can look at a dual-fuel hob that combines both the features of gas and induction in one system. You can also choose a combination of gas, induction, ceramic, deep fryer, barbecue grill, griddle and teppanyaki zones. This way you can experiment more with the styles of cooking and the dishes you prepare on a daily basis.

Hot Plate Hobs

A hot plate hob helps you heat up and cook food faster. It’s a great portable kitchen appliance that you can take wherever you want and use it the way you like. It generates an impressive amount of heat and can go up to 540 degrees Celsius. Ideal for camping, and when you want to cook food faster without making a mess.

Induction Hobs

Easy to control and clean. Induction hobs are generally sleeker. They are also considered to be fairly safe as they come with a child lock and a safe surface that only heats the pan. It’s generally more expensive than the other hobs but is also considered the best.


Microwaves come in different sizes and features to cater to your specific cooking needs. They can heat up the food in seconds. Additionally, some types of microwaves are more versatile. They can also be used for grilling and baking. Microwave ovens tend to be more energy efficient than a conventional cooking stove, especially if you keep cooking or reheating food in small quantities. They are also relatively easy to clean and require less space, which is ideal in modern homes. As it turns off automatically once the cooking process is over, you don’t have to worry about leaving it unattended. Also, you can control the cooking temperature as per the dish you are making. 

Integrated / Built-in Microwaves

Built-in microwaves are a specialized type of microwave oven that is designed to fit in a specific spot in your kitchen. As a result, it seamlessly fits in with the overall interior of your kitchen. It does all the cooking for you and the main difference between an integrated/built-in microwave is its design and installation.

Microwaves with Grill

A microwave with grill does all the cooking for you like any regular microwave. It helps you defrost food, heat and reheat dishes. Additionally, it also has a grilling option that allows you to grill your favourite veggies and meats. You get faster cooking, and a crispy texture in seconds. 

Standard Microwaves

Standard microwaves are designed to increase efficiency and reduce cooking time. It generally measures around 30 inches wide, 17 inches high and 15 inches to 18 inches deep with the door closed. A standard microwave is essentially often used to heat or reheat food.


If you enjoy cooking, and need an appliance that can be used for heating, baking and grilling food, it should be an oven. It not only keeps your food moist but cooks it to perfection every time. It also helps you prepare delicious food, giving you consistent, delicious dishes. Depending on your needs you can opt for a single oven, which has one space to bake and grill food or opt for a double oven that gives you the flexibility of cooking a lot more with just one appliance.

Integrated / Built-in Ovens

They seamlessly fit in with the décor of your kitchen. It looks stylish and is a versatile kitchen appliance. Most offer great capacity, allowing you to cook larger quantities faster. It’s also more accessible, and easy to operate with just one door.

Electric Ovens

They typically have precise temperature controls, making it easier to have consistency in all your dishes. They are also more energy efficient and easy to clean and maintain. Since electric ovens do not emit any harmful gases or fumes, there is no need to invest in any additional ventilation

Cooking is more even. Electric ovens heat evenly from all sides, so your food is less likely to be overcooked on the outside while still raw in the center. Electric ovens employ heating elements that evenly warm the air within the oven, resulting in more consistent cooking. Also, it does not have any open flames and hence has a reduced fire risk.

Warming Drawer

Warming drawers are essentially compact built-in kitchen appliances. They are small but pack in a lot. They are mainly used to warm up food, keep crockery warm, and to defrost food. They are also perfect for proving bread. They can be added to the kitchen to create a balance in design and have great functionality overall.

  Cooker Hoods

Cooker hoods solve many problems that occur when you cook. They can absorb strong smells, smoke, moisture and grease that lingers in the air and contributes to pollution in your kitchen.  They help to extract any unwanted particles in the air, keeping your kitchen air fresh and breathable.

Cooking Accessories

There are a wide range of cooking accessories you can pick from depending on your requirements. Knife holders, can openers, salt and pepper mills and a knife sharpener are just some of the few examples of cooking accessories that can help you in your day-to-day chores in your kitchen.

Various Types of Small Cooking Appliances at Best Price in Dubai, UAE

There’s a whole wide range of small cooking appliances that you can pick from to reduce your cooking time and to prepare food faster. Here’s looking at some of them.

Health Grills & Sandwich Makers 

You can grill veggies, meats and make sandwiches fairly quicky and efficiently with these handy devices that don’t occupy much shelf space in your kitchen.


Enjoy deep-fried food? Crispy potato fries or snacks, which can all be made with these compact fryers are a great addition to your kitchen appliances.

Slow Cookers & Multicookers

Slow cookers can help you break down and cook meat effortlessly. Multicookers like pressure cookers are also a great addition to your appliances as they help you prepare a variety of dishes in no time.

Party Food & Dessert Makers

These include popcorn makers, ice cream makers, etc. that allow you to prepare your favourite desserts faster.

Meat Grinders

Great for hamburgers and for grinding an assortment of veggies. It helps you make that perfect patty in no time.

Bread Makers

You save on kneading time, and can get quality, healthy baked bread every day.

What are The Best Brands in the UAE Offering Cooking Appliances?

There are a variety of well-known brands that cater to this growing market for good cooking appliances. Read on to find out more about the best brands in the UAE in this segment.


It’s one of the premium kitchen appliance brands available in the UAE. It promises impressive features, exceptional quality and great performance. Customers place their trust in Miele as they are guaranteed better quality appliances that are both functional and durable.


It’s a leading brand in home appliances that is known for its high-quality ovens, fridges, microwaves, cooktops, vacuum sealers and more. It offers great functionality, durability and impressive features that most customers rely on, especially in the UAE.


Smeg's appliances are known not only for their style and quality but also are associated with high life. It’s designed to suit a variety of tastes and definitely comes at a higher price point, and is meant for those users who desire quality with flair and style. 


It is known for its premium kitchen and laundry appliances. Asko dishwashers are also equally popular for their superior design, performance and durability. 


Popular for offering value for money. Candy’s range of appliances are in demand for being compact and for delivering good performance, without offering any unnecessary features.


The brand is associated with high performing and high-quality home appliances. From washing machines, dishwashers to cooktops, Bosch has got excellent ratings in most of these categories, which makes it a popular brand among users.


They are a leading manufacturer of home appliances and a global company associated with sleek designs, great innovations and high performance in the electronics market.


It’s a well-known brand that caters to buyers in the UAE looking to purchase refrigerators, dishwashers, cooktops, over-the-range microwaves, etc. It’s range of washing machines are highly in demand.

Super General

A trusted brand, associated with quality and value for money. It’s a highly recommended brand that’s extremely popular in the home appliance market.


It’s known to manufacture a range of high-quality home appliances that are long lasting, and that’s probably what draws many buyers to this popular brand. 

Buy Cooking Appliances at Best Price in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, UAE

You can shop for all your cooking appliances at Sharaf DG UAE. Get the best deals on top brand cooking appliances at the best price here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is used for cooking?

Cooking pans, pots and spoons are some of the most popular cooking equipment along with stove, gas or electric cookers.

What equipment is used for cooking heat?

Microwave, stove, fryers and oven are mainly used for cooking heat.

What is kitchen equipment and types?

Kitchen equipment also covers serving ware like a teapot set, a dinner set, dishes, bowls, sauces, knives, spoons, forks, cutlery, glasses, etc.

Which appliance is used for cooking?

Food processor, microwave, pressure cooker, hand blender, electric cooker, kettle, etc. are some of the appliances used for cooking.

Is a kitchen appliance used for cooking?

A kitchen stove, microwave, oven, etc., are examples of kitchen appliances designed for the purpose of cooking food.

Which are the best brands in UAE for cooking appliances?

There are several quality brands in the UAE offering cooking appliances. Sharaf DG UAE is one such brand you should visit for great offers.

What brand makes the best grills?

Teka, Bosch, Kenwood, etc. are all known for the best grills in the UAE.

Which cooker is best in Dubai, UAE?

Candy, Whirlpool, Super General offer some of the best cookers in the UAE.

What hob is best for cooking?

Induction hobs are best for cooking.

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