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Microwave Ovens

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Shop for the best microwave ovens for your home at reasonable prices in UAE

A microwave oven has become the most compulsive kitchen appliance today. The variety of dishes it can help prepare has made a microwave oven everyone’s favourite. Here is a guide on how to buy a microwave oven from Sharaf DG for all your cooking necessities. Read about the types and the best-selling microwaves to help you buy a suitable model.

Citing the top brands of microwave ovens in UAE

Every brand is known for a particular appliance. Likewise, here are a few names whose microwave ovens have made it big in the market. They include:


If your kitchen needs an over-the-range microwave oven, Samsung is your brand. Most Samsung ovens have a child safety lock and a neat ceramic finish for a stylish appearance in your kitchen.


Even though LG microwave ovens are expensive, their microwave ovens are reliable and have the highest ratings among consumers.


When it comes to design and user-friendliness, nothing beats the Panasonic microwave ovens. The brand has various preset buttons, making its products easy to use.

Black and Decker

If you want to buy the best built-in microwave ovens, Black and Decker has some unique microwave models at all prices.


Kenwood microwaves are some of the mainstays in the UK kitchen appliance section, and the brand has an excellent combination of grills and convectional microwave ovens.


One of the Fortune 500 companies, Midea offers an exclusive range of home appliances across 200 countries. Midea is best known for its convection and grill microwave ovens in the market.

What are the different types of microwave ovens?

The different types of microwave ovens are classified on their functionality and where they can be placed. The following are the most commonly found ovens in every kitchen:

Basic microwave oven

A basic microwave oven is otherwise known as a solo microwave oven. This is the first of its kind, so you cannot find any advanced cooking or baking modes here. You can’t utilise this basic oven for baking too. All you can do is reheat a few food items, cook essential dishes and roast. If you are not a fan of fancy cooking, a basic microwave oven is all you need in your kitchen! This type is usually placed on your kitchen counter.

Grill microwave oven

If you want to have kebabs and grilled foods at home, you can invest in a grill microwave oven! Grill ovens are known to heat or cook food more quickly than other ovens. You will get a few accessories and this grill oven to make cooking easy. You can grill meat like chicken and vegetables and cook another dish simultaneously.

Built-in microwave oven

If there is no ample space in your kitchen and you are looking for a high-end oven, you can invest in a built-in microwave oven. You can plan on this type of microwave oven when you want your kitchen cabinet to look even with the same theme and appearance throughout your cooking place. Built-in ovens always come with advanced cooking modes and are often expensive.

Convection microwave oven

Be it roasting, heating, cooking, baking or grilling, do anything you please with a convection microwave oven! This oven has all these options, so you can enjoy cooking any variety you want. It has oven-like heating features along with a microwave function.

Highlighting the top selling microwave ovens in UAE in 2022

Here is a list of best microwave ovens in UAE, which would help you choose the right model for your family.

Midea Microwave Oven MMC21BK

With this 20 l Midea microwave oven, you can cook, reheat, and defrost in no time at your home. A simple microwave oven works fine for all your basic cooking options in under 35 minutes, and you can defrost by weight or time. You will get a glass plate, a turn table, a user manual, and this freestanding countertop oven.

Samsung Microwave Oven 45 Litres MC455THRCSR

The SmartSensor technology in this Samsung oven calculates the humidity accurately to cook your food perfectly. The Contrabass convection feature allows your bread and other baking items to ferment, where the dough rises precisely how you want. The ceramic interiors are highly resistant to oil and grease, which you can clean efficiently, certified by the highest German technology. Microwave, grill, convection, microwave + grill, microwave + convection, and grill + convection are the various cooking modes you can find in this oven for a fantastic cooking experience.

Black & Decker Microwave Oven 20L MZ2010PB5

This compact Black & Decker microwave oven is the perfect kitchen companion for students, small families and bachelors. The rotary knobs with chrome finish are just what everyone wants to see in ovens these days! In addition to basic cooking, defrost your favourites in no time for a pleasant weekend dinner experience in five different power modes.

Panasonic 4-in-1 Convection Microwave Oven NN-CD67MBKPQ

This Panasonic microwave oven has six different cooking features at various watts for cooking, grilling and baking. With the Auto Defrost option, you can defrost anything comfortably. With 131 auto-program menus, imagine how many varieties you can cook for your family! The knobs are easy to navigate, and the interiors are built in stainless steel, in a countertop model. If you are a fitness freak, cook and bake in options 6, 7, 8 and 9 with no oil! If you want a healthy switch in your cooking and eating habits, go for this Panasonic 4-in-1 convection microwave oven!

Panasonic Solo Microwave NNST65JB

It is no longer difficult to look through your microwave door, as you can find a LED bulb in this Panasonic microwave oven. The advanced inverter technology calculates the cooking time for each ingredient for an enhanced taste. With the turbo defrost option, you will be able to defrost quickly compared to the previous Panasonic models. Another 30-second cooking feature at 1000 W enables ultra-fast cooking.

LG Microwave Oven 20 Litres MS2042DB

Cleaning your microwave oven is never an arduous task anymore with this LG model! It has an EasyClean coating that enables quick residue cleaning. If you want Mediterranean, Indian or even African cuisine to be enjoyed at home, the Global menu in this LG oven works best. With its I-wave technology, the oven ensures optimum heating for all your dishes.

Why do you have to worry? Sharaf DG is here with the latest microwave oven collection! Get the suitable model for your home today.

Frequently asked questions

What features should I look for in a microwave?

If you buy a new microwave oven, look for its wattage and size based on where you will place it. It would help if you also looked for its preprogrammed settings and your cooking preferences.

Which brand of microwave is best in the UAE?

Panasonic, Samsung and Black and Decker are some of the top brands for microwave ovens in the UAE at present due to the variety of cooking settings they offer.

Which microwave oven is best in quality?

Samsung’s 28 and 23 L microwave ovens are some of the top-selling models in recent times, as they are affordable and reliable.

Which is better, convection or solo microwave?

A convection microwave is the safest choice, as it can grill, bake, roast, toast and make your food crisp. At the same time, a solo microwave oven performs simple cooking and heating.

Which brand of microwave is the most reliable?

Samsung and Panasonic are the two brands whose microwave ovens are known for a wide range of cooking with many preset programs and cooking options.

In which capacity can I get a microwave?

If your family has four to six members, you can choose a 21-30 l microwave oven. If there are more than six members, you can buy ovens with 31 l capacity.

Is a microwave different from a microwave oven?

Both these terms refer to the same thing. The shortened version of the microwave oven is microwave, and it relates to microwave radiation, which heats food.

What is the best capacity for a microwave?

You can buy a microwave oven of 20 to 25 l capacity, as these ovens work best for both small and large food quantities.

What can you cook in a microwave?

It depends on the type of microwave oven you own. You can cook macaroni and cheese, chicken nachos, mug cake, chocolate fudge and many other dishes.

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